The End of the Patriarchy of ‘Mind over Heart’

Transcript of Amoda’s opening discourse at the ‘Open Circle’ Meeting, San Rafael, CA, September 2018. To watch the video and follow the transcript, please scroll to the bottom of this page. There’s a tendency on the spiritual path, when seeking the elusive and much desired state of enlightenment or awakening, to emphasize the mind-qualities of…


I invite you to throw away the concept of spirituality, and even throw away the concept of awakening. Instead, I speak directly to the human and how to live a fully authentic life as the openness of your natural state. You were born as naturalness, you were born as innocence, you were born as openness….


Amoda Maa talks about what led to her awakening – this is the first time she reveals the hardships of her early life, that later became the catalysts for an inner transformation.

Amoda Maa talks about her book ‘EMBODIED ENLIGHTENMENT’

A short video of Amoda talking about her new book: What happens after the initial glimpse of awakening? What happens when you have ‘got it’? Then what? Does it start an endless search to have that experience again and again? Does it trigger an endless searching among spiritual teachers to ‘get it ‘again? Amoda addresses…

Davis Event, California.

My recollection of the day event in Davis, near Sacramento, California – Written by Kavi I thought for this blog it would be useful, particularly for those who have yet to make it to one of Amoda’s events, to give you a taste of what one of them is like. The event was timed to run…

REAL LOVE – Video Book Reading

An excerpt from the book ‘Embodied Enlightenment.’ Watch on full screen and turn the sound up for full experience. Music by Kavi. Book available on Amazon