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Deploying Amazon CloudFront with the Silverline Managed Services Platform

Posted on October 31, 2022 by

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Our customer, a global IT solutions provider, conducted a thorough analysis of the many moving parts necessary to set up and maintain a solution that combines a content delivery network (CDN), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and defenses against Fraud/Bots and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks before settling on our offering. After extensive research and deliberation amongst several teams, our client concluded that a combination of F5 Silverline and the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network would be the optimal option.

Our client opted for this service because it provided managed security services, had a short implementation time, and required less money to set up, maintain, and run. The internal customer teams developed the website’s evolution plan and worked diligently to implement each stage of the plan as rapidly as possible while minimizing disruption to business as usual.

The architecture’s straightforward deployment and combined advantages made possible continuous performance enhancements, enhanced security controls, and extensive reporting and logging with data export options to SIEM and other log-analysis systems. Our client’s staff was freed up to do what they do best: give their customers a pleasant and satisfying experience.

High-Performance, Scalable, and Managed Security Services

For the last stage of their plan’s implementation (shown in Figure 1), our client opted for F5 and AWS solutions due to the former’s scalability, the latter’s cheap cost of operation, and the latter’s adaptability to future changes. Cooperation with the F5 Silverline Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts who keep a constant eye on the Silverline platform was also a significant element. For cloud-based, managed security services, F5 offers Silverline. Our clients could better describe their security posture with the assistance of SOC analysts, who also improved the system’s usability. Our client was, therefore, able to give their customers a smooth service while vigorously combating fraud and abuse.

The Internet Speed Trials

Web application evolution that strikes a reasonable cost-performance balance while still delivering on promises of speed, security, and little friction for users is a constant challenge.

When building and creating online apps, businesses encounter several obstacles and limitations. To ensure continual performance improvements throughout the application lifecycle, it is essential to strike a balance between the expense of procuring, installing, and managing the technology and the employees needed to do so. The diagram below shows the results of our client’s investigation into the trade-off between price and performance needed to advance a web application.