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How does the cost of Wasabi compare to the true cost of AWS S3?

Posted on October 25, 2022 by

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It’s vital to go past the initial per-GB/mo pricing of the storage itself when comparing the cost of Wasabi storage to the cost of the different AWS object storage products, such as S3, S3-IA, S3 One Zone-IA, and Glacier. This is because ice explains that AWS has several additional fees that would considerably raise their storage cost. In comparison, ask about a few instances and begin by reviewing the cost of S3 Standard for a use case involving 100 TB of storage and 10% monthly storage download. We begin by entering the quantity of storage (100 TB in our case) into the AWS cost calculator:

You must next determine how many GET (read actions) and PUT/COPY/POST (write actions) requests your use case could need because AWS costs you for API calls. Depending on how often your storage application is used for reads and writes, the overall number of requests might vary considerably. Determining this amount may be challenging unless you are a storage scientist. Wasabi doesn’t charge for API queries in part because of this. For this example, we’ll say the use case necessitates 100K write requests and 100K read requests per month.

Then, you must add it to the calculator since AWS charges you for “data movement,” or the outflow of your data from their service. According to many of our clients, this amount is difficult to estimate, which is one of the reasons Wasabi doesn’t charge for egress under our free egress plan. For this example, we will take the scenario of 10% of the 100 TB of stored data being downloaded (10 TB) per month.

When everything is said and done, your final bill ($3,552.47) appears as follows:

You can see how much easier it is to comprehend the actual cost of your storage if you use Wasabi’s calculator at and apply the similar use case of 100 TB with 10% download each month.

You can see from this example that Wasabi costs $599 per month, whereas AWS S3 costs over $3,500 per month (AWS is 7 times more costly!)

*The AWS Calculator automatically adds a $322.96 fee for AWS Support (Business) in AWS cost estimations (the price of the AWS support package is variable and based on the cost of the storage service). Wasabi does have a $300 monthly premium support plan that is optional (regardless of the amount of storage service). Compared to Wasabi, which costs $599 per month, AWS is still more than 6 times more costly, even if you don’t include the extra support packages.

Let’s now look at an even more complex example utilizing S3 One Zone IA, a relatively recent AWS object storage service unveiled in April 2018. This new service, according to AWS, “is intended for clients that desire a less expensive choice for seldom accessed data.” Consequently, it can’t be compared to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage (low-cost but designed for high performance with frequently accessed data). However, since the S3 One Zone IA option may be alluring at a storage price of $.01/GB/mo (compared to the S3 Standard price of $.023/GB/mo), let’s go through the pricing comparison nonetheless.

You are looking at this AWS cost breakdown for our 100 TB example with a 10% monthly download:

  • Storage for S3 One Zone IA: $1,024 (100 TB * $.01/GB/mo)
  • $1.10 in API requests (for 100K write & 100K read actions)
  • Data Retrieval: $102.40 (for 10% monthly download; additional charge imposed by AWS with the IA offers on top of the data transfer rate!)
  • $952.51 in data transfer (egress) (for a 10% monthly download)
  • 230.38 AWS Business Support
  • Total for S3 One Zone IA Storage: $2,310.39
  • Total for Wasabi Storage: $599

The figures above demonstrate that, for our illustrative use case, Wasabi’s better hot cloud storage solution is nearly three times more expensive than the new S3 One Zone IA “infrequent access” storage option.

Send us a message if you have any further AWS vs. Wasabi pricing comparisons you’d like to discuss.