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How to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01) Exam in 2022

Posted on October 28, 2022 by

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The detailed instructions on how to be ready for the 2022 AWS Certified Developer Associate exam using resources including books, classes, practise exams, and advice.

You’ve arrived to the correct site if you’re a person preparing for the AWS Developer Associate certification in 2022 and searching for the finest books, courses, and general advice to pass this test.

I already published the top AWS developer training programmes and practise exams, and today I’m going to offer the full strategy and all the necessary materials to earn this coveted AWS cloud certification.

Without a doubt, having an AWS certification is incredibly beneficial and provides a wealth of chances for developers and DevOps Engineers as well as system administrators and solution architects.

The AWS Certified Developer Associate certification assesses your skills in developing and deploying software applications on AWS, working with databases, serverless architecture, and using AWS API. It is designed for software developers and web developers.

There are several physical and intangible advantages to earning an AWS Cloud certification, notably the AWS Certified Developer Associate test, even if there is no substitute for education and experience and your certification is of little value if you are unable to utilise the AWS interface.

For instance, it offers you the chance to get in-depth knowledge about AWS services and platforms. Additionally, it rewards you with the respect you merit for your expertise in cloud computing. You may include AWS in your CV and LinkedIn, which opens up a lot of opportunities as employers are constantly seeking for AWS certified individuals.

However, the information you get from earning the AWS Developer certification, or any other certification, is its most significant advantage.

I personally gained a lot of knowledge when studying for my certification, and that is also how I like to thoroughly understand new technologies.

When you are familiar with the fundamentals, pursue certification. You will learn a lot and develop into a technological expert along the road. I’ve used this approach to learn Java, Spring, and a number of other technologies, and I can attest that it is effective.

When you begin preparing for AWS certifications, you will undoubtedly read more about the various AWS services, their benefits and drawbacks, watch more online courses and tutorials on YouTube, perform more hands-on labs, and begin answering more practise questions.

All of these activities will increase your knowledge and experience of AWS, which will be useful not only for certification but also for interviews and your regular jobs.

How to Study for the 2022 AWS Developer Associate Exam

I have been reading a lot about associate-level AWS certifications like solution architect, cloud developer, and sysops administrator since last year, concentrating a lot on cloud computing, machine learning, and big data.

In addition, I was assisting a few of my readers in their pursuit of AWS, Azure, and Google cloud certifications. I am pleased to report that several of them were successful on their first try, and I am now sharing the same roadmap with you guys.

This is a tried-and-true formula that I, along with many of my friends and readers, have used. I used this strategy to earn certifications in Oracle, Java, Spring Professional, SQL Server, Data Science, and AWS.

It really boils down to a three-point formula: pick a solid course, complete lots of practical labs, and then attempt as many practise problems as you can. You will undoubtedly receive an 800+ on your AWS Developer Associate test if you faithfully adhere to these three instructions.

Simply choose the appropriate resources for each segment to follow this blueprint’s instructions and you will succeed in earning your AWS certification as well as any other IT certification. This post will assist you in choosing the finest book and mock exams for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, as well as the best online course.

I’ll share materials with you in this article that will enable you to ace the AWS Certified Developer Associate test.

Online training

The ideal place to start your AWS certification preparation is with online courses, but it’s important to pick the correct ones that teach you practical material as well as exam-related material so you can develop the AWS skills needed for real-world employment.

I suggest taking the following online training courses to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate test; some of them are free, some are very cheap, and you can purchase them for about $10 during monthly Udemy discounts.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Course by Stephane Maarek

The finest online study guide for passing the AWS Developer Associate test is this one. This course will teach you all you need to know to achieve this esteemed cloud certification and was developed by Stephane Maarek, an AWS specialist who has earned all AWS certifications.

You won’t regret purchasing this course if you can only afford one; it is both time and money well spent. This course has already attracted more than 50K students.

The Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate Course link is provided below.