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In-Person AWS re:Invent 2021 is Back!

Posted on October 25, 2022 by

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Las Vegas will host the AWS re: Invent 2021 developer conference from November 30 until December 3. Attendance in person immediately sold out, but there is still the option of participating electronically. If you’re still interested, you may register right here. Our team will be on-site and remotely working to examine the most recent AWS developments and go through some of the top offerings from more than 200 partners.

re: Invent 2021 by AWS

Re: Invent, now in its eleventh year, draws up to 60,000 participants annually. Attendees may anticipate a busy Vegas after the virus made the 2020 event entirely virtual. Everyone can find something to like at this conference, which also features many after-hours activities.

However, other significant sponsors and exhibitors at AWS re: Invent 2021 besides Amazon include:

  • VMware
  • Cisco \sAMD
  • IBM \sveeam
  • Red Hat NetApp

Here you may find a comprehensive list of sponsors.

You get access to free workshops to hone your cloud abilities in addition to the sponsors and exhibitors. To avoid missing out, be sure to sign up for these sessions. The AWS re: Invent 2021 app can help you have a better overall experience.

Separate meetings

Breakout sessions at AWS re: Invent last one hour and are lecture-style. These classes are held throughout the re: Invent campus and address various levels and topics (200–400). AWS professionals, clients, and partners provide sessions, and there is often time at the end of each one for questions and answers.

The week after re: Invent, virtual participants may watch breakout sessions on demand. For attendees who are present in person, access to on-demand breakout sessions is provided.

Workshops are two-hour practical workshops where you collaborate with others to use AWS services to solve challenges. Workshops divide participants into smaller groups and offer activities to promote conversation, allowing you the chance to learn from and impart knowledge to one another. The primary speaker of each workshop gives a brief (10–15 minute) talk before most of the time is spent in group work.

Chalk speaks.

A small audience and a highly engaging content type are chalk talks. Each one starts with a brief (10–15 minute) talk by an AWS specialist, followed by a 45–50 minute Q&A session with the audience. The objective is to promote technical discourse around actual architectural difficulties. Chalk lectures last one hour and feature expert-level information delivered by AWS professionals. At AWS re: Invent 2021, there will be hundreds of chalk lectures, so be sure to pick the ones that interest you the most and come prepared with questions!

Construction sessions

Up to six people may attend these 60-minute small group events with an AWS specialist on hand to answer queries and offer help. Only you, your laptop, and the AWS specialist are present.

Article Hubs

Check out the most popular sessions’ live streaming in Content Hubs. Content Hubs, accessible at Caesars Forum, Venetian, and Wynn, offer several session streams in a welcoming setting. Additionally, Content Hubs provide Salesforce and AWS DeepRacer experiences.

There are also laboratories, boot camps, and the chance to take AWS certification exams.

A plan is essential because of the enormity of AWS re: Invent 2021! What is your main objective in going to this event? The AWS Hero Guides from re: Invent may be easier to find sessions on particular subjects.

Re: Invent offers a variety of session types:

  • Keynotes – At conferences, keynotes present news and updates while showcasing case studies and new product introductions. There won’t be any other sessions running during a keynote. Although there are overflow places everywhere, seating is allocated.
  • Standard Breakout Sessions – These lectures last 60 minutes and typically draw hundreds of people.
  • Workshops last 2.5 hours and feature hands-on keyboarding. Typically, 100–150 people attend. Groups of participants may occasionally be created to solve issues utilizing AWS services.
  • Chalk talks – These more engaging seminars often have 50 to 100 attendees. A few AWS professionals will typically present a brief lecture, with most of the time set up for questions and discussion.
  • Builders Meetings — With a maximum of 6 people and a facilitator, these sessions are the most private. The group will be guided through the construction process by an AWS professional.
  • If you wish to focus on your inquiries, you may arrange a one-on-one meeting with a support engineer.

Storage Leadership Session at AWS re: Invent 2021

Naturally, the session with Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec instantly catches our attention. At AWS, Mai-Lan serves as vice president of block and object storage. Her leadership talk covers a lot of ground, instructing attendees on how to create cutting-edge data architectures that expand indefinitely, adapt quickly to unanticipated demand shifts, and spur innovation with data-driven insights leveraging the AWS storage portfolio’s most recent releases.