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Is the AWS Developer – Associate Worth It?

Posted on October 28, 2022 by

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Organizations that value the adaptability and economics of using AWS cloud services and infrastructure have become huge fans of AWS certifications. The AWS Certified Developer – Associate was created for developers who are pursuing careers with Amazon AWS. If earning this certification is important to you, you should have at least a year’s worth of experience working in a development position where you maintain and create AWS-hosted applications.

Some crucial skills for AWS developers are certified by the AWS Certified Developer – Associate designation. You will be able to demonstrate that you comprehend the operation of the fundamental AWS services, the applications for which you might use each one, and the best practises that AWS demands. The certification will also assist you in demonstrating your ability to create, launch, and debug AWS-hosted apps. Recruiters will likely start knocking on your door after you successfully complete the certification because of your newly acquired qualification.

What is an Associate AWS Developer?

The AWS Developer – Associate certification is designed for individuals with prior programming and development experience. At least one high-level programming language must be mastered by you. Your development skills should be shaped by certification exam preparation so that they are in line with AWS best practices. In order to achieve this, you will learn about AWS services, including how to use them and important architectural factors.

You ought to have demonstrated your proficiency in AWS platform application development by the time your exam was over. As a result, AWS advises that you gain as much practical experience as you can before the exam, so make sure to put what you have learned to use as much as you can.

What Is Tested by the AWS Developer Associate?

The official AWS Developer – Associate test guide is where you can get a complete list of exam objectives. Examples of the test’s objective domains are provided below:

  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Making use of AWS Services
  • Refactoring
  • Observation and problem-solving

The exam is given in a testing facility or online under the supervision of a proctor and is a typical multiple-choice style with several response choices. The exam will last you 130 minutes and will cost you $150 USD. At the moment, the test is offered in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

For the position of AWS Developer – Associate, what experience is required?

AWS states that you must have one or more years of relevant expertise in development where you were in charge of creating and managing an AWS hosted app. Additionally, you have to be exceptionally skilled in at least one high-level programming language. You must be proficient in the fundamental AWS services. This covers both their intended application and the underlying principles of best practises for AWS architecture.

You should be capable of creating, deploying, and debugging applications in an AWS cloud environment. AWS service APIs must be able to be implemented. Additionally, you should be familiar with how to utilise the AWS CLI and AWS SDKs, both of which are required to create AWS apps. Additional prerequisites are included under the heading “Recommended Knowledge and Experience” right here.

Who Should Take the Associate in AWS Developer Exam?

Listed below are a few positions that call for the AWS Developer – Associate certification along with the salaries they may bring in.

Associate AWS Developer for Junior AWS Developers AWS Developer jobs are typically intended for more beginning developers. A computer science degree is typically required for jobs at this level, but it’s not always the case. To fulfil the responsibilities of this function properly, you will need the necessary training, expertise, and experience in AWS. Dev positions differ from organisation to organisation, but you can anticipate being in charge of finishing storyboards, performing work within sprints, and corresponding with project managers and other stakeholders.

All of these many tasks have a connection to the actual programming portion of the work. Just as crucial as knowing how to accomplish something is understanding what has to be done. As you can see, salaries in this position vary considerably based on talents and experience. According to ZipRecruiter, the annual salary range for an Associate AWS Developer is between $24,500 and $129,000.

Associate AWS Developer for Senior AWS Developers

More than simply coding is demanded of senior AWS developers. When discussing design factors like security, scalability, and deployment, they must offer insightful feedback. As a result, you must be quite knowledgeable with the AWS platform’s internal workings and how it would host your apps. Skills in design, development, and execution should fall under your purview. Many of the work duties between the Associate and Senior levels will overlap, but the Senior level involves far more decision-making. According to, senior software developers make between $126,031 and $160,660 annually.

Worth It to Become an AWS Developer – Associate?

The simple answer is definitely yes, since AWS-certified engineers are in great demand all around the world! When applying for jobs, setting yourself apart from the competition with the developer – associate certification is a terrific idea. Some of the largest businesses in the world, including Coca-Cola, Netflix, and CapitalOne, are powered by AWS.

AWS Developer – Associate is an excellent approach to understand how AWS functions and how you can integrate it with your apps if you are currently creating online and cloud-based applications. Studying for this certification is a great approach to understand AWS best practises that will enhance your development abilities if you are new to development. Even without considering security considerations or best practises, acquiring this certification is worthwhile. Hopefully, this information has steered you in the correct way if you haven’t already determined if earning the AWS Developer – Associate certification is worthwhile for you.