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Shoplazza Shared Innovative Practices in the Age of AI at AWS Summit China

Posted on October 25, 2022 by

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24 October 2022, Shanghai / PRNewswire — The “Build with Freedom, Explore the Infinite” (official Chinese name: ) 2022 AWS Summit China began on October 13 and 14. Shoplazza’s CTO, Bing Xia, spoke at the summit on its AI-powered recommendation engine for international eCommerce as IT experts and businesses met to discuss their advanced practices and insights in cloud computing from a worldwide viewpoint.

Bing at the China AWS Summit in 2022

The summit that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting is a benchmark for the worldwide cloud computing industry and its largest annual technological event in China. Shoplazza, a market-leading SaaS provider for shopping carts, was invited to the summit to present its cutting-edge product features and best practices. 360,000+ businesses have benefited from Shoplazza’s enterprise-level solutions, which include well-designed eCommerce shop themes, automated order administration and operations, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and safe and simple payment procedures.

Branding has been increasingly crucial in eCommerce in recent years. Many cross-border merchants use the DTC model to expand their businesses and upgrade their company operations and administration. And one of the key elements to incorporate in the online store is the “AI-powered suggestion.”

“AI-powered advice is a key technology to incorporate for enhancing sales income and consumers’ buying experiences on a worldwide scale.” Shoplazza’s CTO, Bing, said: “However, it might be challenging for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to apply the AI solutions intended for big firms. Manually tweaking the product recommendation requires more time and effort from SMB merchants, which slows down operations. Additionally, it might be difficult for customers to be happy with what they read in recommendations. In light of this circumstance, our goal is to offer a technological solution for the AI-powered suggestion that can be used by all merchants of any size, reduce costs, and boost efficiency.”

Bing broke down Shoplazza’s AI and machine learning system into 5 stages: data pull, trigger, pre-ranking, ranking, and re-rank. Shoplazza gives data processing to make sure every operation is quick and easy. However, because of the enormous quantity of data that has to be handled, such as transaction volume and user access, stand-alone TensorFlow cannot be trained rapidly. Additionally, distributed machine learning on Spark has several drawbacks, including expensive and sluggish training.

Shoplazza integrates all the processes, including sampling, feature training, and estimate for Shoplazza’s recommendation system data flow, to address the pain points. Shoplazza employs the data flow and processing capacity of Amazon EMR and Amazon SageMaker. Machine learning and data processing are more effective thanks to this unified data flow approach. “The SageMaker platform performs model training based on the samples produced, and real-time reasoning is implemented. When a user asks for suggestions, the prediction may combine person and product features in real-time, show the feature extraction plug-in to create samples, ask SageMaker to obtain the score, and present the sorted results on the homepage.” With SageMaker, Bing debuted the precise data flow implementation of AI-powered recommendations.

Shoplazza streamlines the administration of big data and machine learning infrastructure with Amazon EMR and Amazon SageMaker, combining data analysis and machine learning for effective outcomes.

“The time required to process up to 300 GB of training data is decreased by around 10 hours, and the product recommendation system performs six times better as a result. We keep using and developing AI technologies to better assist our merchants and help them succeed globally.” quoting Bing.

Added Bing “The most revolutionary technologies available today are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which have a big impact on boosting consumer satisfaction and increasing business efficiency. Shoplazza will keep collaborating with AWS to incorporate machine learning into product search, content comprehension, merchant selection, eCommerce risk control, and other company activities in the future. The challenges faced by retailers in running their stores will be resolved through technological innovation.”

Shoplazza will continue to devote itself to offering cutting-edge solutions and disseminating effective strategies for market development as a top eCommerce SaaS platform worldwide. At the same time, Shpplazza will continue to be “Open to More,” refine its partner ecosystem and work with AWS to provide cross-border merchants with all-in-one solutions for going global through cutting-edge technology, product innovation, and contemporary data strategy. This will enable cross-border merchants to “Start Anywhere.”