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The ‘everything store’ for software

Posted on October 24, 2022 by

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Edge of AWS

  • When choosing the software it sells, AWS Marketplace emulates its parent firm Amazon.
  • The AWS Marketplace now offers third-party software that runs on its cloud, professional services from its partners, and data sets ten years after it first started providing Amazon Machine Images.
  • Additionally, support for containers, algorithms, and models has been provided.
  • Customers can purchase a container image to operate within ECS or EKS or an algorithm to run within Amazon SageMaker environments.
  • The “everything store,” according to Chris Grusz, general manager of global ISV partnerships and the AWS Marketplace at AWS, “That idea of choice is now being communicated to AWS through Marketplace.”

According to the cloud company, AWS Marketplace handled over $1 billion transactions last year.

  • After AWS introduced “private offers” in 2017, enabling software vendors to bargain unique end-user license agreements, pricing, and payment schedules with clients, deal volumes began to increase.
  • As a result of the private bids, Grusz noted, “we started to see extremely substantial deals: six-figure, seven-figure, and now even eight-figure-type transactions.” It has significantly altered Marketplace’s course.
  • According to software companies surveyed by Protocol, private offers are crucial to doing business with businesses.
  • Joint clients can add the expenses of third-party software to their AWS cloud expenditure commitments and deduct them from their obligations.

Although AWS Marketplace speeds up transactions, some software businesses claim it might be challenging to gain new clients by using it.

  • More than 12,000 listings in more than 65 categories are available on the AWS Marketplace, which includes more than 2,000 ISVs, 260 data suppliers, and 900 consulting partners.
  • Krishna Subramanian, co-founder, president, and chief operating officer of Komprise, stated, “We’ve labeled our listing with all the terms that are important to us like “data management” and “SaaS” and stuff like that.
  • To be quite honest, she claimed, “getting new clients to find us on the market has not been the most significant gain for us. “We’ve spent more time dealing with clients we currently have or customers we’ve recruited in different ways. The significant gain has been making business with us simpler for them.
  • However, Cruz’s discussions with software manufacturers five years ago concentrated on acquiring AWS support.
  • Marketplace, his discussions with them now are concentrated on how to better traverse it.
  • ISVs are seeing an increase in clients who automatically purchase all of their third-party software for their AWS environments through the AWS Marketplace. “It’s truly become an acceptable way to sell software from an ISV standpoint,” he added.