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What is Amazon Aurora?

Posted on October 25, 2022 by

Categories: AWS


A relational database service offered by Amazon RDS is called Amazon Aurora (Relational Database Service).

Video Introduction to Amazon Aurora and Amazon Web Services work together as aurora to provide our students with digital training materials.

Amazon Aurora: What is it?

Amazon Aurora is a cheap cloud-based relational database that works with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

An Aurora database’s administration is automated as part of Amazon RDS. Automatic data backups are made to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). For availability and failovers, the data is preserved in many instances.

Using Relational Databases with AWS RDS

  • Tables, records, and fields store data on Amazon RDS.
  • Data from one table may be related to values from another. Relational databases depend heavily on relationships.
  • Transactional and analytical data are frequently stored in relational databases.
  • Transactional databases benefit from the consistency and dependability provided by relational databases.

Aurora Pricing on Amazon

Pay as you use with Amazon Aurora. It consists of three sections:

  1. Hosting. Depending on your demands, you may select from 3 distinct forms of hosting.
  2. Operations and storage. I/O is charged per million requests, while storage is charged per gigabyte per month.
  3. Data exchanged