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What is Amazon FSx? – New in AWS

Posted on October 28, 2022 by

Categories: AWS


Today, we’re going to discuss Amazon FSx, a brand-new service offered by Amazon Web Services. We will discuss what it is when you might use it, and its advantages.

However, let’s take a step back and examine how your company currently stores data and files before we delve deeper into Amazon FSx.

You will each have a file server that most likely uses Windows Server technology. You will store Word, Excel, and image files on that file server and open and edit them daily. There will also be vital business software and systems that use those files on that file server.

Your file server may begin to accumulate space over time, run out of capacity, reach its “end of life,” and lose the ability to receive other extended warranties as a result. You currently have a business issue.

What do you then? Your business is expanding while your file server is getting older and has run out of room. In this situation, Amazon FSx is useful.

Amazon FSx: What is it?

A nearly instantaneous cloud-based system for storing files compatible with Windows is called Amazon FSx. Instead of having your IT. Once the team has acquired new hardware and software and organized a maintenance schedule and backup integration and activation, they can simply turn on Amazon FSx and begin moving your data to the cloud. All with ease and, of course, at a reasonable cost to your company.

What advantages does Amazon FSx offer?
You may have already deduced that using Amazon FSx would significantly improve your company’s operational efficiency and agility. But first, let’s examine Amazon FSx’s characteristics.


To start, Amazon FSX is quick. It is really quickly as it makes use of SSD technology. You may not understand what it implies, but simply, you can access, edit, and close your files much more quickly and reliably, and performance is assured.


Highly accessible is Amazon FSx. This implies that to safeguard you against hardware component failure, your data is copied to at least two separate places.

Backup is a given

Your backup is linked by default with Amazon FSX. Considering how many firms suffer from backup, this is really significant. The backup will operate right out of the box when you turn on this Amazon cloud-based file storage system.

automatized upkeep

Amazon FSx is continuously updated. This indicates that all security updates and upkeep are handled as part of the service. This significantly lowers IT. Operational costs for your team, allowing you to allocate funds to more critical projects.

compatible with Windows

Critically, Amazon FSx is native to and compatible with Windows. What this means for your IT is as follows. There isn’t much relearning that the team has to undertake (because they are in charge of moving from Point A to Point B). To continue working and connecting with all of your business systems, they just copy the data from Point A to Point B.

saving money

The last and most crucial point is that Amazon FSx is cost-effective since, like most AWS services, you only pay for what you use. Your company may stop spending tens of thousands of dollars on colossal file storage systems and start paying simply for the storage you really use over time.

There are more things to come.

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