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What is AWS hosting?

Posted on October 27, 2022 by

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Usually, when we talk about hosting, we talk about web hosting. Although AWS can undoubtedly handle this, it’s important to remember that AWS also provides other kinds of hosting.

For instance, application hosting uses one of AWS’s various services to develop an application. Then, using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, you may either utilize that application for your company’s operations or provide it as a service to other businesses.

Consider hosting on AWS if you have a lot of huge files to save money on data transport and storage. Alternatively, if you only need access to your company’s databases anywhere in the world, you can utilize database hosting on AWS.

AWS offers a variety of hosting services as well. For instance, cloud servers for online multiplayer gaming may be deployed, run, and scaled using Amazon GameLift.

AWS for hosting websites

a snapshot taken from the side of an AWS S3 website
AWS has a variety of web hosting plans. However, these are frequently targeted at much larger enterprises.


AWS again provides you with a wide range of possibilities when we narrow our focus to web hosting.

You can utilize AWS Amplify for really straightforward, single-page static websites. A website with 10,000 daily visitors would cost around £60 per month at 12p per GB served, and 0.02p for each GB stored. Similarly, static pages or files may be served very cheaply using Amazon S3 object storage.

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Amazon Lightsail, a VPS service, can host simple websites. Lightsail comes with every infrastructure required to build a website that can handle light to moderate traffic. For a fee beginning at £2.85 per month, you receive a virtual machine, SSD storage, a static IP address, DNS management, and a predetermined quantity of data transmission.

You’ll want something more significant if you anticipate using five or more servers. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing is primarily used for enterprise-level web hosting on AWS (EC2). With EC2, you may rent several web serversically, dispersed across several different data centers worldwide. Examples of businesses employing EC2 for their web hosting infrastructure include Coursera and Lamborghini.

Cloud hosting companies utilizing AWS

A screenshot on an angle of an AWS S3 web page

Despite the potential benefits, most SMEs don’t directly host their websites with AWS. Typically, a company will use web hosting services like Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, or DreamHost. These services provide a more convenient way to create, run, and manage a website.

However, many of these businesses utilize Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure. Therefore, even if you don’t directly purchase your web services from Amazon, you still use AWS frequently.

A web hosting firm that leverages AWS for all of its hosting sales is WP Engine, which offers managed WordPress hosting. Additionally, businesses like Cloudways specifically provide managed AWS hosting, streamlining the usage of AWS for web hosting and enhancing the technical assistance provided to end customers.


With millions of computers running in thousands of data centers worldwide, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest cloud computing platform in the world. It provides over 200 online services to organizations as a public cloud provider that they may use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Due to the high cost of the actual hardware, renting services from AWS is typically far more affordable than deploying the service yourself. Utilizing cloud services also has definite benefits in terms of scalability and dependability.

AWS provides a range of hosting services. You may create entry-level websites with AWS Amplify or Amazon S3, dynamic websites using Amazon Lightsail, or business-level websites using Amazon EC2.

Many web hosting firms employ extensive cloud computing services like AWS for some or all of their infrastructure, whether or not they openly state it. They provide simple access to the advantages of massive cloud computing through reselling while protecting users from the majority of the complexity.

As a result, AWS has played a crucial role in developing the internet as we know it and is likely to do so for many years.

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