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What is SNS?

Posted on October 25, 2022 by

Categories: AWS


  • A simple Notification Service is referred to as SNS.
  • It is a web service that makes setting up, using, and sending cloud notifications simple.
  • It gives programmers the incredibly flexible, affordable, and scalable capacity to publish messages from one application and transmit them to other apps.
  • It is a method of messaging. When you utilize AutoScaling, it results in an
  • SNS service notifies you through email when “your EC2 instance is increasing.”
  • SNS may also use push notifications to deliver messages to devices.
  • With Baidu Cloud Push, Apple, Google, Fire OS, Windows, and Android devices may all be used in China.
  • Along with pushing notifications to mobile devices, Amazon SNS also delivers alerts by SMS, email, an HTTP endpoint, or an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).
  • The Lambda function may also be triggered via SNS alerts. When a message is posted to an SNS topic that is connected to a Lambda function,
  • The message payload is used to call a lambda function. As a result, we can say that the Lambda function receives a message payload as an input parameter, processes the data in the message, and then delivers the message to further SNS topics or other AWS services.
  • Amazon SNS enables you to group many receivers by using topics, which act as a logical access point for sending identical copies of the same message to subscription subscribers.
  • There are several endpoint types supported by Amazon SNS. You may combine SMS, IOS, and Android receivers, for instance. SNS sends the prepared copies of your message to the subscribers once you post your message to the subject.
  • All messages posted to SNS are redundantly stored across several availability zones to prevent data loss.


Publishers, sometimes referred to as producers, create the message and deliver it to the SNS, which is a logical access point.


The message or notification from the SNS is received by subscribers such as web servers, email addresses, Amazon SQS queues, and AWS Lambda functions through one of the supported protocols (Amazon SQS, email, Lambda, HTTP, SMS).