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Why You Must-Attend

Posted on October 25, 2022 by

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It’s almost that time of year again, and AWS re: Invent is returning to end 2020 on a high note despite widespread disruption worldwide. One of the most significant annual cloud events for years, this official Amazon conference is getting even bigger this year. From November 30 to December 18, attendees will have three weeks to learn from one of the most valuable hyper-scale cloud platforms.

The best part is that everyone can attend conveniently in their own homes. This year, you won’t need to approach higher management for reimbursement for travel costs; in fact, you won’t even need to ask them to pay for your conference registration. You may attend this year’s conference for free regardless of your financial position or location. You may attend hundreds of sessions delivered by AWS specialists and cloud leaders if you have the time and a strong internet connection.

This event is a must-attend if you want to discover what AWS has in store for the future and uncover the full range of the cloud’s possibilities. If you aren’t ready to sign up, consider the benefits of going instead.

Learn from professionals about AWS and cloud capabilities.

Being at the forefront of cloud technology is one of the main benefits of attending AWS re: Invent. The training sessions are created to assist participants in beginning from a position of little understanding and moving through several “tracks,” which are broken down as follows:

Product and Services – Explore 25 distinct courses with hours of content to learn how to interact with a range of cloud-based and AWS-related services. Analytics, blockchain, business intelligence, open-source software, and even a thorough examination of Netflix’s usage of

AWS is among the topics covered.

  • Industry-specific demands are taken into consideration when designing these workshops. Regardless of your line of work—marketing,
  • finance, healthcare, or even the gaming sector—AWS can help you find methods to edge over the competition.
  • Roles: Are you a DevOps employee? Want to know more about using AWS to architect solutions? Or perhaps you’re simply interested
  • in learning more about the Builders’ Library. These role-based tracks allow you to delve deeply into specific AWS responsibilities.
  • Organization Type – Whether your company is a startup or an enterprise, AWS can support innovation while lowering expenses overall.
  • These courses will offer targeted guidance to businesses, partners, new businesses, and the public sector.
  • Community – While hearing from Amazon’s experts might be informative, the community track allows outside AWS specialists to talk about the most interesting subjects.
  • Employees will have the chance to gain highly applicable skills while assisting firms in upskilling their most potential employees by
  • participating in these training programs.

Gain Inspiration from Leadership Sessions

You may learn from some of Amazon’s most distinguished staff members, including vice presidents and C-suite executives, through Leadership Sessions. They’ll talk about new technology, provide details about impending breakthroughs, and share examples of how AWS technology is used in the real world. The following are just a few of the 18 forthcoming leadership seminars offered by Amazon:

  • using analytics Rudy Valdez, Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Training and Certification at Amazon, and Rahul Pathak
  • President of Analytics Architecture at Amazon
  • Networking and Product Delivery with Amazon’s Vice President of AWS EC2 Mayumi Hiramatsu Networking Security, Identity, and
  • Compliance Together with Maureen Lonergan, the Director of AWS Training and Certification, Stephen E. Schmidt, Amazon’s Vice President of Security and Chief Information Security Officer Training and Certification

Get Certified and Trained

After spending some time studying from Amazon’s own AWS professionals, it’s time to review your material through training, hone your abilities in practical labs, and be ready for a certification exam. The chance to receive training and certification just cannot be passed up, especially with more businesses than ever vying for the services of cloud and AWS professionals.

We hope to see you there!

We at SoftwareONE have personally experienced how AWS can improve corporate operations, whether you work in the tech or transportation industries. It motivated us to grow our strategic alliance with AWS, employ additional experts, buys new technology, and keep advising our clients on how to utilize AWS to its fullest.
We’re thrilled to watch this event unfold in a way that is more accessible than ever because of this. We are aware of AWS’s potential to change your business or your entire career, but this change must start with active education.